Samia Labidi

For the past 6 decades, each annual edition of the JCC has turned the heart of Tunis into a thrilling forum for passionate debates on cinema, gathering cinema lovers from the African continent and beyond. The brand new and extended Carthage Talks format, echoing the vision of our late Director Néjib Ayed to grow and expand our industry platform, brings to Carthage Pro forward thinking conversations on market relevant and pressing issues.

Over the course of 6 days, from October 27 to November 1, 2019, Carthage Talks, creates a forum where regional and international practitioners will convene, encouraged to share their experience, knowledge and expertise through a series of curated think tanks, panels and study cases and networking events.

As the 2019 Carthage Talks expends in scale, it also experiments by launching new programs laying the groundwork to building a stronger film community for years to come.

While Diaspora? aims at reshaping our individual and collective understanding of the complexities of diaspora and cinema, the Engage @JCC programme opens reflections on the current challenges and future perspectives of African and Arab cinema, from a critical standpoint.

Carthage Docs, and Short Talk, creates dedicated slots to accompany the active and thriving culture around documentaries and short films, underlining the rightful importance of these genres.

Lastly, following the footsteps of Chabaka and Takmil, both invested in empowering and foregrounding the voices of African and Arab cinema, Meet the Talents offers to a range of industry experts the opportunity to encounter emerging talents from the region

Samia Labidi
Head of Carthage Talks