Carthage Digital


Bennour Anoir

As part of the Carthage Film Festival (JCC), Carthage Digital is our new born. Uniting artists, producers, content creators, distributors, investors, festival programmers and tech leaders that are exploring new forms of storytelling and immersive production, for a multitude of networking, financing and distribution opportunities with international digital industry world players.

For the first time at the JCC, Carthage Digital runs an original program with new dimensions’ focus on other forms of cinematographic images made of works showcases, and technologies highlights. On booths in the Business Area at the City of Culture, mixing showcases, networking, announcements and B2B meetings.

Carthage Digital is a unique opportunity for both Festival and professionals market alike to discover the animation cinema industry and the latest Technologies of the Digital World: Extended Reality (XR) Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), cinematic Reality (CR); Visual /Invisible effects (VFX), the finest immersive works and to capture the digital world challenges throughout the film community.

Carthage Digital also offers a public space at the Avenue Habib Borguiba in the heart of Tunis to give people the opportunity to discover this digital world in the cinema through Virtual Reality experiences.

Come and join Carthage Digital experience!

Bennour Anoir


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