There is obviously nothing new about seeing the Carthage Film Festival taking place in different regions of the country. However, this presence, which turned to be a "tradition" throughout the years, has never really hit the spot of expected impact.

This is exactly what led the Carthage Film Festival's committee, since 2017, to reconsider this section by implementing a new strategy fit to make it more efficient and sustainable.

In this respect, new festivals saw the light in the cities willing to join the ride. In 2017, four festivals were launched in Manzel Bourguiba, Kairouan, Monastir and Djerba. In 2018, new festivals in Sfax, Siliana, Nabeul and Kasserine were born.

As for this year, this 2019 festival's session dedicated to Nejib Ayed is eager to plant its seeds in Bizerte, Jendouba, Mahdia and Gafsa.

Indeed, Bizerte will be the starting point to offer during three days from october 28th a bunch of Tunisian, Arab and African films. Jendouba will be next on the list from october 29th to 31st.

Likewise, the coastal area, namely Mahdia, will host the Carthage Film Festival from november 6th before it will fly to Gafsa from 8th to 10th. Through this ambitious program intended for regions, the 2019 Carthage Film Festival (Nejib Ayed session) hopes to help creating sustainable active structures in the field.

Let us remind you that the Carthage Film Festival has always depended on the geographical balance between coastal and inland areas while choosing the regions targetted by each session.