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JCCinterview : Adekunle Adejuyigbe

JCCinterview : Kenneth Gyang

JCCinterview : Alexandre Zain

JCCinterview : C. J. Obasi

CCinterview : Hinde Boujemaa

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OIM @JCC 2019

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Takmil : Day 3

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Débat FTCC 31/10/2019

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JCC in Prisons Kasserine

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Chabaka Day 2

JCC dans les prisons Borj erroumi

Interview with Sabri Bouzid

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JCC dans la Prison de SAOUEF

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Takmil - day 1

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نحكيو هجرة في السينما

Concert Marta Contreas ,chili

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Focus Lebanon

Focus Lebanon

JCC in Prisons

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Panel - Let’s talk about the cinemas of the diaspora

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CFF in prisons

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Views of Tunisian Cinema

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Press conference

Jury Première Oeuvre "Prix Taher Cheriaa"

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Jury compétition officielle longs & courts métrages de fiction

Interview with Houda EL Amri

Interview with Pascal Delarue

Interview with Katsuya tomati