On the way to the billion : Documentary (RDC - France - Belgique)

On the way to the billion

Director : Dieudo Hamadi
Producer : Hélène Ballis
Production company : Kiripifilms - Les films de l’Oeil Sauvage - Néon Rouge
Country of production : RDC - France - Belgique
Language : Swahili
Subtitles : English
Duration of the submitted copy :90 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 90 min
Works needed to finish the film : Editing - Sound editing - Grading - Mix
Funds received : 300.385 €
Total budget of the film : 395.335 €
Amount requested to complete the budget : 95.000 €
Partners wanted : TV 5 – RTBF - A +
Estimated delivery date of film/ : January 2020
Contact : heleneballis@yahoo.fr

Synopsis :
From the 5th to the 10th of June 2000, the city of Kisangani, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was the scene of heavy armed combat between two Congolese rebel groups, one supported by Uganda, the other by Rwanda. Today, the victims tired of fighting in vain to obtain compensation, have decided to change their strategy: they want to go to Kinshasa to be heard in the capital of the country, heart of the institutions.


Statement of intent :
Through this film, I want to raise an edifice to the memory of the thou-sands of dead of this war. I want to film the survivors: how they are fighting for a better tomorrow. I want the spectator to follow their madness, naivety, resilience, sorrow, contradiction and humanity. I want to show the violence of an unknown, ignored, forgotten reality.


On the way to the billion

Dieudo Hamadi (Director )
Dieudo Hamadi was born in Kisangani (Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1984 and studied biomedicine before moving into filmmaking. Dieudo Hamadi has directed two short documentaries Ladies in Waiting and Tolerance Zero (2010) and four long documentaries: Atalaku (2013), National Diploma (2014), Mama Colonelle (2017) and Kinshasa Makambo (2018). In 2015, Dieudo created Kiripifilms, its own production company. In 2019 he has been attributed the McMillan-Steewart Fellowship in Distinguished Filmmaking by the Film Study Center of Harvard University.

Hélène Ballis (Producer )
Trained as geografer, Hélène Ballis worked during 3 years in Cinédoc Films, a documentary film production company based in Annecy. She joined Kiripifilms in 2015. Since then she works with Dieudo Hamadi as producer and editor.

Hélène Ballis

FARITRA : Documentary (Madagascar)


Director : Tovoniaina Rasoanaivo - Luck Razanajaona
Producer : Luck Razanajaona
Production company : Africamadavibe Production
Country of production : Madagascar
Language : Malagasy
Subtitles : French / English
Duration of the submitted copy :63 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 80 min
Works needed to finish the film : Post-production – Image - Sound - Color grade - DCP
Funds received : Fond propres Africamadavibe (Industries) 20000 Euros - Prix Cape town international film festival Work in progress Hollard insurance 2018 - 50000 Rands - Prix Amiens international film festival Rencontres professionnels (services) 3000 Euros - Fond locale privés Madagascar 4750 Euros
Total budget of the film : 86875 €
Amount requested to complete the budget : 46430€
Partners wanted : Coproducers, salers, distributors, TV Chanels (All Countries/ mainly Germany, France Netherlands , Norway, Danemark)
Estimated delivery date of film/ : July 2020
Contact : razanajaona@yahoo.com

Synopsis :
Faritra is an immersion in the daily life of young incarcerated in the Central Prison of Antananarivo. Through the use of portraits, we discover the desires of these young people to express themselves, supported by a camera in their possession and the fragments of life stories that they tell. A desire for breath and freedom illuminates the images shot by themselves and the directors who accompany them.


Statement of intent :
"Faritra" is an urban poem where human misery coexists with a world of hope and future for Malagasy youth. In the tradition of Weiseman's films, Rouch and Depardon, we, Tovoniaina Rasoanaivo and Luck Razanajaona, wanted to show humanity in its genuineness and capture these unique moments of life in film.



Tovoniaina Rasoanaivo - Luck Razanajaona (Director )
Tovoniaina Rasoanaivo studied film directing at the Higher School of Visual Arts in Marrakech in 2010 after having participated in the University La Fémis, Filmmaker with multiple talents between DOP ,sound and editing he has made 2 short films (Oroboros directed in 2013 and Déambulation in 2017) and a feature documentary "Tshirt Man" selected for the final cut Venice 2014.

Luck Razanajaona (Producer )
Luck Razanajaona is a filmmaker graduated from the Higher School of Visual Arts in Marrakech in 2011 and is a multi award-winning filmmaker, for his short films from FESPACO to CFF and including Cologne, Madagascar and the international Short Film Festival of Clermont Ferrand. Former Berlinal/ durban Talent he was selected in the Pavilion of the World Cinemas in Cannes, did a residency at the Moulin d'Andé (Normandy) and is the first promotion of the REALNESS Residence in South Africa He is currently preparing his first feature film Fiction "DISCO AFRIKA" which as a project has won awards at STEP FUNBD LUXOR, DURBAN FILMMART and Cinémart ROTTERDAM recently

Luck Razanajaona

NIGHT NURSERY : Documentary (Burkina Faso - France)


Production company : Les Films Du Djabadjah – Vrai-Vrai Films
Country of production : Burkina Faso - France
Language : Dyula
Subtitles : French / English
Duration of the submitted copy :47 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 70 min
Works needed to finish the film : Editing, Color grade, Mixing
Funds received : 77 000 €
Total budget of the film : 115 000 €
Amount requested to complete the budget : 38 000 €
Partners wanted : Distributors - Broadcasters - International Saler
Estimated delivery date of film/ : march 2020
Contact : berni.goldblat@cinomade.org

Synopsis :
Every evening in a popular area of the city of Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, Mrs. Coda welcomes the children of prostitutes at her home. The young women then stroll through the "Black", a lively alley in the city center, until daybreak when they come to pick up their children. But Mrs. Coda, who is over 80, is getting tired.


Statement of intent :
In my country, as in many others, to hurt someone, we insult their mother. I would like the viewers of my film to think about it again, seeing these young mothers, Odile, Fatim and Adams taking the best care of their children and seeing the old mother, Madame Coda, welcoming these lives that men have left behind.



Born in 1987 is part of Burkina Faso's new generation of documentary filmmakers. He has worked on the image on several movie sets for 8 years. He has edited and directed short and medium-length films and is also involved in the revival of Ciné Guimbi in Bobo-Dioulasso. In 2014, he directed a 52 min documentary N'goni fo Sekouba, a co-production Burkina Faso-France. Night Nursery is his first feature film.

Berni Goldblat from Burkina Faso and Switzerland has been directing and producing films since 1999. In 2000, he co-founds CINOMADE In 2006, he establishes LES FILMS DU DJABADJAH, an independent production company in Burkina. In 2017 he directs his first feature film WALLAY, premiered at the Berlinale, selected at 250 festivals and released in 12 countries. Since 2007 Berni Goldblat is member of the Academy of Jury at the African Movie Academy Awards. Since 2018 he is a member of the European Film Academy (EFA). Berni is the President of ASCBF which is refurbishing and reopening Bobo- Dioulasso's Ciné Guimbi.


La terre ne se meut pas : Documentary (Tunisia - Italy - France - Qatar)

La terre ne se meut pas

Director : Yosr GASMI
Producer : Mauro MAZZOCCHI
Production company : L’Argent
Country of production : Tunisia - Italy - France - Qatar
Language : Arabic – Frensh – Italian – English - Gambian
Subtitles : English
Duration of the submitted copy :90 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 180 min
Works needed to finish the film : Editing – Sound mixing – Color grade – subtitles – DCP
Funds received : 80 000 €Grant DFI
Total budget of the film : 80 000 €
Amount requested to complete the budget : 25 000 €
Partners wanted : Distributors - Post-production assistance fund - festivals
Estimated delivery date of film/ : march 2020
Contact : yosrgasmi@gmail.com / mauro.mazzocchi1986@libero.it

Synopsis :
Men from other countries seek asylum in Italy, Europe. Here they are in the Alps, at the foot of the snow-covered mountains waiting for years in a temporary reception centre, a former hotel. This story is about migrant bodies. It evokes everyday life, its silences and impressions; it deals with exile and space while aspiring to extract from reality the image of a land and its invisible movement.


Statement of intent :
The documentary begins a reflection on the political and ethical treatment of migration and the reception of migrants in Italy and Europe. The camera follows men caught in a control system that delimits the bodies and their statements; it attempts to reconstruct the length of the endless waiting time in which they are caught while questioning the presence of the same camera in a surveillance location. The corollary issue becomes the questioning of this looking eye. Finally, the film is an ode to illegal travellers, nomads and modern Sisyphus who incorporate what is denied by governments, namely the biological essence of all living beings: the movement.


La terre ne se meut pas

Yosr GASMI (Director )
Yosr Gasmi is a Tunisian filmmaker with a degree in French literature from Paris V and from the ENS of Tunis. Writer, actress and director, she is interested in the image in its various artistic and scriptural expressions. In 2014, she and her partner Mauro Mazzocchi started their first film project "Θέλω, θέλωθέλω μανῆναι -L.E.N.Z.- (Fiction, 379', Tunisia-Italy, 2016). The two directors who write and produce in pairs consider themselves as a technical and expressive multiplicity without fragmentation or hierarchy. La terre ne se meut pas is their second film.

Mauro MAZZOCCHI (Producer )
Mauro Mazzocchi, born in 1986 in Italy, has a degree in philosophy and theatre. Director and producer, he collaborates in 2014 with Yosr Gasmi on the writing, directing and production of their first feature film, "Θέλω, θέλω μανῆναι -L.E.N.Z.-". In 2018, they began their second film, La terre ne se meut pas, a documentary that they write, direct and produce together. At the same time, Mauro Mazzocchi has been working since 2017 with L'Argent, a French production company (Chantier A by Tarek Sami and Lucie Dèche; Le reflux by Guillaume Bordier).


Le chemin de Sylvana et Mohamad : Documentary (Lebanon - France)

Le chemin de Sylvana et Mohamad

Director : Maher Abi Samra
Producer : Diala Kachmar
Production company : ARTRIP production
Country of production : Lebanon - France
Language : Arabic
Subtitles : French
Duration of the submitted copy :45 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 80 min
Works needed to finish the film : 3 days of shooting in Beirut - Collage of sequences - Sound editing - Sound mixing – Color grading
Funds received : 96 200 $
Total budget of the film : 201 500 $
Amount requested to complete the budget : 105 300 $
Partners wanted : Sales agent
Estimated delivery date of film/ : April 2020
Contact : diala@artrip.me

Synopsis :
Sylvana and Mohammad are walking together. She's in a wheelchair, he's blind. She lives in Lebanon, he is studying in New York. They form an inseparable duo, united by a common revolt and wounds: those of an isolated childhood in specialized institutions for the handicapped, a life they dreamed of as ordinary and which proved to be unfair and full of obstacles. We find them, free and strong, at each of their reunions, in Beirut or Paris.


Statement of intent :
For a long time I thought blind people saw black. I have long believed that people with disabilities need specific care, which means that they must be separated from us. For a long time I perceived the disabled as victims or heroes. The Other, the one who is different from me, how to accept him in his difference, without excluding him, without wanting to assimilate him? How can we perceive him as he is, and not as he is represented? How to define him without simply reducing him to his handicap? These questions have been with me for years. They are at the origin of my desire to make this film.


Le chemin de Sylvana et Mohamad

Maher Abi Samra (Director )
Maher Abi Samra has written and directedseveraldocumentaries, selected in many international festivals: Chacun sa bonne (2016, 67'), awarded at the Berlinale, Nous étions communistes (2010, 84'), selected at the Venice Mostra, awarded at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (best Arabdocumentary), Juste une odeur (2007, 10'), grand prize for international short film at Dok Leipzig, Rond-Point Chatila (2004, 52'), Ulysse prize at the Montpellier International Mediterranean Film Festival, Femmes du Hezbollah (2000, 50'), broadcast on Arte.

Diala Kachmar (Producer )
Diala is a Lebanese producer and filmmaker. She manages the production company ARTRIP Production in Beirut. In 2013, she directed her first feature-length documentary "Guardians of Time Lost". In 2015, Diala produced "The Road", a feature film by Rana Salem. In 2017, she produced "Martyr", a feature film by Mazen Khaled. Between 2015-2019, Diala produced 4 seasons of the Lebanese television series "Beirut waw", written and directed by Fadi Nassereddine. Currently she is producing "North", a feature film by Selim Mourad and "Le chemin de Sylvana Et Mohammad", a feature documentary by Maher Abi Samra.

Diala Kachmar

Souad : Fiction (Egypt)


Director : Ayten Amin
Producer : Sameh Awad
Production company : Nomadis images - Leaf Studios - Film Clinic
Country of production : Egypt
Language : Arabic
Subtitles : English
Duration of the submitted copy :40 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 110 min
Works needed to finish the film : Post-Production (Editing, ADR, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Sound Mix, Music Rights, VFX, Coloring, ENG & FRN Subtitles, Titles & Credits, Digital Transfers incl, DCP).
Funds received : CineGouna (Gouna Film Festival) -Organisation International de la Francophonie (OIF)
Total budget of the film : 339 087 $
Amount requested to complete the budget : 94 699 $
Partners wanted : Frensh Co-Producer - World Sales Agent
Estimated delivery date of film/ : April 2020
Contact : sam@vividreels.com / Saadthefilm@gmail.com

Synopsis :
Souad, 19 years old girl, lives with her conservative family in the city of Zagazig, along with her sister Rabab. A series of small incidents pushed Souad to commit suicide. Silence swallows everything in the family. Rabab rejects all the explanations for her sister’s death, ans is determined to understand the real cause of her sister’s despair. She discovers that Ahmed is the central figure of Souad’ virtual life, so she travels to visit him in Alexandria.


Statement of intent :
J'aspire à faire un cinéma réaliste qui révèle la dure dynamique sociale qui conduirait au suicide d'une jeune fille. Le film s'appuie entièrement sur des actrices et acteurs non professionnels, afin de donner à l'image le plus haut niveau d'originalité possible. Les acteurs ont tous contribué à la découverte de l'histoire et au sentiment des personnages d'une manière unique, favorisant un plus haut niveau de réalisme en improvisant de nouveaux détails dans le dialogue inspirés de leurs propres expériences personnelles.



Ayten Amin (Director )
Ayten’s first short film Her Man won several awards, after being premiered at Clermont-Ferrand. Her debut Villa 69 was screened in 2013 and won the Special Jury Prize for Arab Films in Abu Dhabi Film Festival, a special tribute in Malmö, Cairo Film Connection Award, the Hubert Bals Award in Durban. Villa 69 was selected at pavilion Cinemas of World in Cannes. She co-directed the documentary Tahrir 2011, premiered in Venice, selected in Toronto, ans was nominated for best document in cinema for peace at Berlin Film Festival.

Sameh Awad (Producer )
Sameh Awad is an independent producer committed to work on exploring new means of investments and partnerships in art-house independent Arabic Films. In the last 10 years, Sameh has worked as a co-scriptwriter, assistant director and an associate producer for award winning documentaries and feature films such as Basra, and Born on the 25th of January directed by Ahmed Rashwan.

Sameh Awad

The Letter : Documentary (Kenya)

The Letter

Director : Maia Lekow
Producer : Chris King
Production company : Circle and Square Productions Limited
Country of production : Kenya
Language : Kiswahili - English - Kigiriama
Subtitles : English
Duration of the submitted copy :82 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 82 min
Works needed to finish the film : Color grade - Sound mix – Design - Score
Funds received : 142 478 $
Total budget of the film : 375 230 $
Amount requested to complete the budget : 81 600 $
Partners wanted : Release – Distribution - Sales Agents.
Estimated delivery date of film/ : November 2020
Contact : maia.vonlekow@gmail.com /circleandsquare@gmail.com

Synopsis :
In coastal Kenya, a frenzied mix of consumerism & Christianity is turning hundreds of families against their elders, branding them as witches as a mean to steal their land. 93 year-old Nyanya stands accused by her step-sons, while her strong-willed daughters try to protect her. This dangerous dispute is seen through the eyes of grandson Karisa, who travels home from the city to find out what is going on, and is forced to choose which side he is on.


Statement of intent :
Working as a husband and wife co-directing team, with Chris on camera and Maia on sound, making The Letter has been a deeply personal journey for both of us. Maia was born and raised in Nairobi, and had little connection to her father’s homeland, where our film takes place. Chris, originally from Australia, but living in Kenya for more than 12 years, has found great solace in making this film. Maia’s approach to writing an original score for the film, came from an urge to articulate the emotional complexity of the grandmas situation.


The Letter

Maia Lekow (Director )
Maia Lekow is a Kenyan musician and filmmaker. Her directorial debut The Letter is premiering at IDFA 2019 and was supported by IDFA Bertha Fund, Docubox, Hot Docs Blue Ice, Sundance DFP and Chicken & Egg Pictures. Maia was named a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR in 2013 and received an African Movie Academy Award for her song ‘Uko Wapi” in 2009. Currently performing across international stages with her band, Maia & The Big Sky, Maia has also composed a hauntingly beautiful original score for The Letter.

Chris King (Producer )
Chris King is an award-winning filmmaker, Australian by birth, he has worked in Kenya for 13 years, having founded Circle & Square Productions with his wife Maia in Nairobi, 2009. He was awarded that same year an African Movie Academy Award for editing. His directorial debut The Letter is premiering at IDFA 2019 and was supported by IDFA Bertha Fund, Docubox, Hot Docs Blue Ice, Sundance DFP and Chicken & Egg Pictures.

Chris King

We are from there : Documentary (Lebanon - France)

We are from there

Director : Wissam Tanios
Producer : Christian Eid
Production company : Abbout Productions
Country of production : Lebanon - France
Language : Arabic
Subtitles : English
Duration of the submitted copy :85 min
Estimated duration of the film ! 85 min
Works needed to finish the film : Picture lock - Sound editing - design and mix – Music – Credits - Deliverables
Funds received : Al Jazeera Documentary - Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) - Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - Lebanese Ministry of Culture - Inkind services (Grading and Mix) from Beirut Cinema Platform
Total budget of the film : 176 648 €
Amount requested to complete the budget : 30 000 €
Partners wanted : Festivals, distributors
Estimated delivery date of film/ : January 2020
Contact : christian@abboutproductions.com

Synopsis :
Jamil and Milad are two brothers in their mid-20’s with contrasting personalities. As the war in Syria intensifies, they both decide to flee illegally to Europe, yet separately. Their closest cousin, Wissam, films over 5 years both odysseys bringing back childhood memories, questioning along the way the true meaning of “home” and exploring the human ability to cope with change as radical as it can be.


Statement of intent :
Ever since I graduated from university, the thought of leaving Lebanon and moving to Europe has always been on my mind, but I’ve never had the courage to do so. When my cousins decided to leave their country and cross illegally to Europe. It was a slap in the face. I felt the urge to archive their journey. The film explores (re)construction of life and identity and draws with humility and admiration the human ability to cope with change.


We are from there

Wissam Tanios (Director )
Wissam Tanios studied Cinema at IESAV, Beirut. His short documentary Aftermath won Best Documentary at the Lebanese Film Festival in 2012. Departures his second short film was competing in many film festivals worlwide and won the best narrative short at the 2nd Annual Alwan Awards, New York. We are from there is his first feature film with which he participated in the Global Media Makers six weeks’ film residency in Los Angeles in 2018.

Christian Eid (Producer )
Christian Eid holder of bachelor degree in Cinema from USEK- Lebanon and masters in Digital Communication and Project Management from Paris 8- France. Since 2010, he works with Abbout Productions as a Production Supervisor and Associate Producer. Abbout Productions produces feature films and documentaries expressing the identity of the region. Since 1998, the company produced award-winning films such as I Want to See, The Valley, Tramontane, Amal, All This Victory and 1982.We are from there is his first film as a producer.

Christian Eid