JCC in Prisons

The Carthage Film Festival 2019, Nejib Ayed session- announce the holding for the fifth consecutive year of the «JCC in prisons». This initiative was launched exclusively by Ibrahim Letaïef in 2015 and has been successfully consolidated during the three editions led by the late Néjib Ayed, and is now an essential part of Carthage Film Festival.

This year, six places of deprivation of liberty will turn into cinemas to host the Carthage Film Festival " Néjib Ayed Session "; Mornaguia civil prison, Saouef prison in Zaghouan, Kasserine prison, Borj Erroumi prison in Bizerte, Messadine prison in Sousse, Manouba civil prison, and Rehabilitation and rehabilitation center for minors from Sidi El Hani to Sousse.

The screenings will take place from October 27 to November 2 with the presence of film crews to encounter and exchange with prisoners and allow them, despite the deprivation of liberty, the right of every Tunisian citizen to access culture.

The screenings program will be organized according to the following schedule:

    Sunday October 27, 2019: the scarecrows of Nouri Bouzid (Tunisia -2019) will be the opening film at the civil prison of Mornaguia at 2 pm Monday October 28: Screening of the movie "Fathallah TV" (Tunisia -2019) at the civil prison of Borj Erroumi Bizerte at 11 am Tuesday, October 29: Screening of "On the cross" of Sami Tlili (Tunisia -2019) in Saouaf the civil prison Zaghouan at 1 pm Wednesday, October 30: Screening of "Good Morning" Behij Hojeij (Lebanon-2018) at the civile prison of Kasserine at 1:30 pm. Thursday 31 October: screening of two films by the Lebanese director Cynthia Sawma "Mabrouk" (Lebanon, 2015) and "Habib" (Egypt-2019) at the Center for the Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of Juvenile Delinquents of Sidi El Hani at 18 h Friday November 1, 2019: Screening of '' When we are Born '' by Tamer Ezzat (Egypt-2019) at the Messadine civil prison in Sousse at 1 pm Saturday, November 02, 2019: Clap end for JCC in prisons 2019 with the screening of the film '' Fataria '' by Walid Ettayaa (Tunisia 2019) at the civil prison of Manouba from 10am.